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The dress is made from fabric consisting of 97% polyester and 3% elastane yarn. The fabric weight is 175 g/m². Climacool features are incorporated into the dress by using drytouch fabric in the upper jacket’s back and underarm areas, as well as in the pant’s waist. It is suitable for use by professional athletes and is approved by the W.K.F (World Karate Federation). It can be used in all national and international competitions. The dress is aesthetically pleasing and durable due to the use of a 3-thread stitch. It does not shrink. When selected based on the athlete’s height, it can be used without any alterations. The pants feature a 5 cm elastic band and a drawstring. The dress has a red Kihon logo embroidery on the right chest and back. A belt is not included with the product.

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Champion Karate Elbisesi WKF
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